Kingdom Strategies International

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Kingdom Strategies International is the mission arm of the Gate Church of the High Desert. It is an international ministry bringing a hope and a future to those in great need!  It is our goal to link with indigenous apostolic ministries in the nations to assist them in fulfilling the Kingdom mandate for their territory. This is done through ... Ministry Teams, Mission Projects, Children’s Homes and Societal Reform.
Ministry Teams are sent and Ministry Projects are carried out where we have relationships or where we have ministry bases. A ministry team’s major purpose is to build and strengthen the local church and to carry out the purpose of the project undertaken.

Mission Projects are also part of what we do in order to create an opportunity for the gospel to be preached. Food Distribution, medical ministry, construction and a variety of other projects have all been part of our activity through the years.
Children’s Homes are a major focus for KSI. In an effort to transform nations, we believe that we must be involved in the lives of children! We believe that it is important to have a generational strategy for expanding the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we are reaching out to the nations impoverished and orphaned.

KSI supports and assists children’s homes in India and Kenya. The Word of God is taught to the children and the principles of Scripture are imparted to make a difference for the future of these children and their nation.

Since 1992, we have been privileged to see over 250,000 converts, 100,000 disciples, 30,000 leaders trained, 2,000 churches networked as well as a number of political, social and civic leaders consulted. We have been honored to help many thousands more through social programs and humanitarian efforts. We currently have operational bases in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Kenya, India and Cambodia.
Kingdom Strategies International is a non-profit, 501c3 religious corporation for charity purposes. All donations are tax-deductible!

You gifts are so appreciated and enables us to support our missionary leaders in Nicaragua, Kenya, India and Cambodia. Also, we support domestic and local ministries here in California and the Victor Valley. Gifts provide for children in our two Children's Homes and allow us to assist pastors, plant and revitalize churches. Thank you!
Faith Promise Giving is the way that the Gate Church supports international missions. Kingdom Strategies International is the international missions arm for The Gate. KSI supports missions throughout the world (USA, Africa, Cambodia, India, and Nicaragua). In addition to a tithe of the tithe from the church, KSI depends upon FAITH PROMISE giving above individual tithes. Please consider being part of our FAITH PROMISE Missions Support Team! To sign up, please click on this link: 
(833) 536-0162


Check out the progress on the Water Bottling Plant construction in Kakamega, Kenya! You can see our Children's Home facility in the background. Once completed, this plant will allow our Children's Home and ministries in Kenya to be self-supporting.

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