A Principled Issue: An Election to Make Our Vote and Voice Count

This is not an election about a person, a personality or even a preference! This is an election about principles that undergird policies.

Therefore, we must make our vote and voice count for principles that support a democratic republic (government by the people through representation) rather than a socialist version of democracy (centralized government overseen by an oligarchy).

We must make our vote and voice count for the principle of life for all including the child in the womb rather than the position that choice is more important than the life of another.

We must make our vote and voice count for the principles that undergird the Constitution of the United States of America as interpreted through the lens of our founding fathers rather than the progressive ideology that is rooted in relativism and digressive morality.

We must make our vote and voice count for the first amendment which gives us the right to gather and worship without any laws restricting such gatherings rather than treating places of worship as merely a part of the entertainment industry and therefore non-essential.

We must make our vote and voice count for the second amendment which gives law abiding citizens the right to bear arms for personal and property protection rather than to take away that right enabling only outlaws to possess firearms.

We must make our vote and voice count to allow legal immigration for those who show a willingness to do things the right way rather than to simply open up the borders fully allowing those with bad intentions to enter our country only to be a detriment to law abiding citizens.

We must make our vote and voice count for lower taxes and a choice based economy rather than higher taxes that will impact small business in a negative way eliminating jobs and sending manufacturing once more overseas.

These are just some of the reasons to make your vote and voice count. And while I have major concerns with both candidates with respect to personal behavior, personality type, etc., I am not voting for a man but a way of life that is representative of the America our founding fathers foresaw. I understand that America is not perfect and there are flaws in our past as well as our present. But America is an idea that began in the hearts of those who had a measure of understanding of a more perfect way. We are still in search of that idea and will never achieve it perfectly but this election is a clear indication of founding principles versus floating preferences.

We often say “God Bless America” and certainly this is the desire of most. But I am convinced that God will not bless a nation that supports principles contrary to His Word no matter how emotionally invested we are in those contrary beliefs.

If we want the blessing of God, we must come into alignment with His Word with regard to His principles. God has always worked through imperfect humans who at least honored godly principles (albeit not perfectly). The way we evaluate candidates is not how perfect they are or how flawed they may be, but what are the undergirding principles that sustain their policies. If you take personality and preference out of the equation, I think it will be clear how to make your vote and voice count!